How Can a Sports Betting Consultant Help Me Make More Money?

We can come up with a long list of reasons why you need to engage the services of a legitimate and reputable sports betting consultant. Firstly, your daily schedule may constrain you to spend enough time each week researching and analyzing players, games, statistics and other critical variables.

You have to consider this checklist if you want to hit the ground running when you launch your sports investing.

1. You have to be wary of promises that are too good to be true. Even the best sports betting consultant cannot guarantee that you can earn a fortune from sports betting in the short term. If you feel that their proposals are overhyped then the best thing to do is to move on and consider the next candidate in your shortlist.
2. Verify and check their track record. No sports betting consultant can boast of a spotless winning record. The best consultants will have their share of winning as well as losing streaks. What you need to look into is their overall performance in the past. You need to compare their wins against their losses and the overall stability of their betting system. Those who have been engaged in this kind of business for some time already are your best bet as consistency of their wins is what determines their existence and survival.
3. You can say that you are dealing with a legitimate betting consultant if they are transparent and open when it comes to critical data and information about their performance and sports betting picks. Their advice and leads must be supported by critical variables and statistical data related to team and player performance and historical trends.
4. If a sports betting consultant has the tendency to adopt arm-twisting methods and come out to be a hard-sell, then such consultant is not a good choice.
5. Compare their rates with the current price trends. If a betting consultant is charging a higher rate, then you have to make sure that you are getting enough premium information and returns to cover the upward price variance. You have to understand that you may not be able to enjoy a good ROI if you are going to spend a considerable amount of money for the services of your betting consultant.

You have to rein in your pace, and no matter how reliable and credible your betting consultant is, you should not bet more that you can possibly absorb in the event that you lose. Manage your bets and make sure that you have a long term “game plan.” Practice due diligence and you will surely find the best choice when it comes to betting consultants.

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Selling Consulting – How to Boost Your Consulting Sales

If you have just started your online consulting business, I wouldn’t be surprised if you tell me that you are having difficulty getting people to sign up. You see, it’s not that buyers do not need your services but because the competition in this niche is stiffer than ever. Have you checked the number of people that you are going up against? But this does not mean that you should stop trying because there are actually effective ways to boost your consulting sales. Some of them are the following:

Start by building a website exclusively for your consulting services. As an information marketer, it is possible that you are also selling ebooks, audio products, DVDs, seminars, and coaching programs. But in order to boost your consulting sales, I recommend that you create a separate website for your consulting services so you can make your web content focused and targeted to your prospective buyers. Ensure that it’s professionally designed, appealing, and very informative. Remember, your visitors will gauge your expertise in your niche and will decide if they will do business with you in the future based on the appearance and content of your site. So, make sure that you leave a very strong impression.

Next step is to give your potential buyers valid reasons to trust you. Why would these people spend their money on your consulting services? Give them a reason to do business with you. Showcase your expertise in your niche and offer proofs that you have what it takes to improve their existing processes, to solve their pressing issues, and to provide the best answers to their burning questions. What I suggest is that you offer free consulting sessions, host your free teleseminars, and offer free but valuable information through article marketing, forum posting, blogging, and ezine publishing. It will also help if you strive to make all your customers happy. This is the first step to be known in the online arena as an ideal service provider. Buyers simply love doing business with marketers who have proven track records.

Make your marketing campaign more focused and more effective. Ensure that your marketing strategies are helping you reach out to those people who are most likely to do business with you. As much as possible, use all internet marketing tools to easily widen your reach. Personally, I would recommend article marketing and social media marketing as they’re very effective. You can also use blogging, PPC advertising, search engine marketing, email marketing, and ezine publishing. The more effort you put into your marketing campaign, the higher your chances of achieving your marketing goals.

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Getting the Most From Your Data Centre Consultant

A recent survey of 100 IT professionals responsible for data centres commissioned by data centre specialists Sentrum highlights the trust gap between independent consultant and client. Statistics from Sentrum’s 2009 research showed that 52% of IT managers in large companies expressed an interest in receiving advice and recommendations from specialist consultants whilst in 2010 that trend has increased to the point where 88% of IT managers said they would turn to independent data centre consultants for advice on designing a data centre. 42% of the organisations questioned stated they now felt the need to secure the ‘expert’ advice of consultants – a further 35% admitted that they lacked the detailed knowledge required to complete data centre projects in-house.

So far, so good – but what about execution?

Whilst 97% of the companies surveyed said they look for outside expertise in design or management, just 2% take the original recommendations without change. 9% of those surveyed admit they change the recommended specification frequently and while it is easy enough to put this down to the client not having a clear scope, a more worrying 58% admit this happens quite often.

Where is it going wrong?

There is obviously a clear issue here – consultants are providing advice that does not seem to fit the client’s objective. This can be caused by many factors including:

A vague brief or unclear design objective
Lack of understanding and management buy-in
Consultants attempting to reuse existing designs to save time
Consultants not being clear enough when discussing pitfalls
“The gap in understanding of technical and commercial issues from the project outset between technology and business leaders is a common cause for scope change mid-project”, says data centre consultant David Griggs. “Whilst the CEO and CIO have a vision of a super-efficient, low-carbon facility with reduced operating costs, the CFO needs to understand there can be a significant increase in capital expenditure to achieve this.”
5 tips for a to get the most from external expertise

Establish a relationship early on with a design partner. A good one will be happy to discuss some high level concepts with you, without charge
Use their experience to help you finalise your C level exec briefings and come up with some realistic design objectives
Using off the shelf designs and proven technologies can keep costs down
Once the initial design is produced, roadshow this quickly to identify potential hazards
A staged payment model will ensure commitment from the consultant throughout the project life-cycle. Negotiating such a model can avoid punitive upfront charges.

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What Can An Internet Marketing Consultant Do For Your Web Business?

What are the benefits of hiring an internet marketing consultant for your business? What can a marketing consultant specializing in online business do for your company? These are just some of the questions you may ask before hiring the services of a online business marketing consultant. Continual growth and increase in profits are just a few of the benefits a good internet marketing consultant can provide your online company. How does a internet marketing consultant go about accomplishing these goals? We will examine how and why you should decide to hire an internet marketing consultant for your business.

Online Marketing Consultant Services

Online marketing consultant services are sprouting up all over the web making it difficult to select a company that will benefit your internet business. A good online marketing company will take the time to examine how you do business, your goals, services or product, and your competition before making a recommendation. By doing so they will get a good idea of how they can provide you with the best services you need to make your business successful. For your business you want an internet marketing company who is willing to tailor a marketing program for your unique business concerns and internet marketing needs to reach your customers with your products or services.

Internet Marketing Options

A good internet marketing company will not only utilize SEO to generate traffic to your website but will also implement search engine marketing, or SEM, to reach your niche customers. Online marketing experts have the expertise to focus on keyword usage to maximize your pay per click ads and increase sales to your internet business. Banner ads or web video commercials may be suggested as other online marketing tool options to provide exposure to your company and increase traffic to your website.

Most online companies are familiar with SEO usage and utilize this marketing tool often. Combining the two SEO and SEM together and you have a marketing tool guaranteed to make your online business successful. Experienced and knowledgeable consulting firm will be able to do this for your company.

Develop a Plan

As you develop a plan for using the services of an online marketing expert take into consideration: This is not a quick fix solution for the continual increase in growth to your business. Set your company’s goal to be in it for the long haul. Be determined to work with the online business marketing consultant up to a year to see the desired results from the implementation of the SEO or SEM program they have designed for your company. The marketing company who provides service to internet businesses should provide you with regular reports for review. This will help you gauge how well the online marketing program is working for your company or if other options should be used to achieve your company’s goals.

Good ongoing communication with the internet marketing consultant will help to ensure your company will be successful as an online business and will continue to grow.

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Choosing The Best Small Business Consulting Firm

The growing value of good internet marketing has created forth a new industry. As to the reason that most of business owners today are knowledgeable about the amount of profit that they will be able to gain by carrying out an online marketing campaign, they are now on a search for the small business consulting firm that will help them in promoting their business on the internet effectively. In the past, people who made use of the internet in promoting their websites only learned things on their own as they go however; things are now different as to the reason that different consulting firms are now present to lend a helping hand to different small businesses. These companies are composed of consultants that specialize in making use of the most recent and most effective online marketing strategies that will allow the latter to bag in huge amounts of traffic on their websites.

If you are currently trying to manage a small business and you haven’t been able to achieve anything major on the internet recently, then it would be best for you to consider an internet marketing consulting firm will be able to help you with your problems. The main thing that you need to keep in mind when marketing a business successfully on the internet is that the most efficient strategies are always changing. Internet marketing is field that changes rapidly and keeping yourself with the latest trends in this industry can be a very difficult thing to if you are not a professional in this area.

In finding a local consultant marketing firm, be sure to look for one that will offer you a good amount of expertise in various areas of online marketing. An online marketing campaign is often made successful through the aid of a combination of different methods. When you employ a divided or multiple marketing approach online, you will be able to gather large amounts of traffic for you website from a wide array of sources. In addition to this, doing so will also allow you to increase the overall standing of your small business. This is perhaps the best reason why hiring the services of a consultant who is knowledgeable and skilled enough with PPC, SEO, and social marketing is a good idea especially if you want to lift up your business to different heights.

As I have stated awhile ago, online marketing is all about keeping yourself updated with the latest promotional techniques and strategies in the industry. With this given fact, it would be best for you to choose a consultant who is always up to date with recent developments and trends in the field. Before you decide on hiring a particular consultant, be sure to ask them to show you some results that they have been able to provide their previous clients. If those clients have been able to rank well in different search engines, then you can be assured that the person standing right in front of you is someone who does the effort of staying on top of different developments in the online marketing industry.

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The Five Things You Need to Do For Your Wedding Photography Consultation

When it comes time to book consultations with wedding photographers, it can be a bit daunting if you’re not certain what to expect or what to do. But the process is actually quite simple if you follow these five basic steps…

1: Schedule your consultations wisely.

Assuming that you’re arranging consultations with more than one photographer, it’s best to schedule all of your photographer meetings within the same day or two. Wedding photographers will offer you the courtesy of holding your date while you make your decision, but they can only hold that date for you for a few days or a week at most.

By booking your consultations within the same day or two, you guarantee that your wedding date is held by all of your potential photographers for a similar amount of time.

2: Prepare for your meeting.

During your consultation, a lot of information gets covered in a short amount of time. You want to be sure to ask all of the questions that are really important to you, so it’s a good idea to write a list out beforehand and bring it with you.

3: Know your budget.

It wastes your time and the photographer’s time if you meet with them and you’re not sure about exactly how much you’re prepared to spend on your wedding photography. Before scheduling a wedding photography consultation, decide on a budget and be certain that you and your fiance are both in agreement about the amount.

4: Know your wedding schedule.

Before you even start contacting photographers, make a list of the wedding photographs that are important to you and your fiancee. Do you want pre-ceremony photos? Ceremony only? Do you want posed shots with your wedding party, friends and family? Photos at the reception? A comprehensive list of the photos you want, will help you figure out how long to book your photographer.

When you meet with wedding photographers, they’ll need to know how much time you’ll want to book them for on your wedding day. Try to be sure about this before you meet with them. If you’re not sure, bring the list of your ‘must have’ photos to your consultation.

5: Trust your instincts, not your wallet.

If you’ve done your research, you’ll have only booked meetings with photographers who have good portfolios, who offer services, rates and photography styles that suit your needs. So the deciding factor will come down to who you’d most like to have as an integral part of your wedding day.

Sometimes you’ll know right away. But if you’re uncertain, ask yourself which photographer had a personality that seems well-suited to you and your fiance? Which photographer seemed the most competent, knowledgeable and trustworthy? Who seemed to be the most kind, considerate, polite and friendly?

Don’t make the mistake of simply choosing the person with the lowest rates. Choose the photographer who you feel will be the best fit for you, your fiance and for your wedding in general.

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Want to Start a Small Business Internet Consulting Business?

Current statistics set the Internet population at no less than 2 billion worldwide as more people go online to buy something, solve a problem or achieve a goal.

Incredible stories of successful Internet marketers have inspired a growing number of entrepreneurs and small business owners to try their luck online, effectively creating a need for Internet marketing education that a small business internet consulting company can provide.

Being a master of any technique is not enough as you need to take care of the business aspect of consultancy in order to thrive. Here are some things to consider when setting up a small business internet consulting outfit:

Have a plan of action

The success of any business lies in careful analysis and preparation. The absence of a thorough plan is the biggest reason online and offline businesses go under. Your business plan should include defining your goals, objectives, budget, and items that you will need to get your business up and running. You will need basic things like computers, internet access, software, a business domain name, host server, and promotional tools.

Take action

Transform your plan into action. Most mentors recommend that you break down your goals into smaller items that you can accomplish easily or delegate to others. For example, it is better to hire a website developer and outsource your business registration requirements so that you can focus on promoting your services to prospective clients.

Take action by activating your social network and seeking referrals from your connections. Understand that rejection is part of the business but remind yourself that you only need a few clients to obtain a good recurring cash flow.

Don’t resign yourself to starting small — seek out an expert in the field who can help you avoid the pitfalls, and who will get you right into the business straight away. Experts have already learned how laser targeting your market and making them an offer that they can’t refuse practically guarantees immediate results. If you have to invest a few hundred dollars in getting a good mentor or training program, don’t sweat it. You will make it up when you sign up your first client and save yourself months (if not years) of wasted trial and error.

Develop systems

As your business begins to grow, having a system for doing things will save time and energy and produce similar results. A tested and effective system enables you to delegate tasks without risk of failure. This allows you to grow your business exponentially while maintaining a good work-life balance. You may have to spend some time developing your own system or speed things up by adopting a proven business method. Adopt the right mindset

Success also depends on having the right attitude, focus, determination, and discipline to do the business without anyone having to remind you. Having a passion as well for helping others succeed will help you cope during those first few weeks as money is not your sole motivation. When you love what you do, improving your skills, services and other important aspects of your small business internet consulting company will flow naturally.

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Strategic Consulting – 3 Steps to Go

What if you discovered how strategy consultation can help you to boost your Internet success quickly and easily? Here are 3 simple steps to get you started.

Step 1 – What is strategic consultant and why you need one?

Step 2 – Seek help from experts in your niche?

Step 3 – It is intelligent to provide a personalized solution rather than a generic one.

The purpose of this article is to show you why you need strategy consultation to become successful online much more quicker. Here are step by step details that you can apply quickly and easily.

Step 1 – What is strategic consultant and why you need one?

Strategic consultation simply means that you are seeking help from an expert in setting up a step-by-step strategy that will grow your Internet business to new heights. Strategy consultation is important because it will easily help you to achieve success at massive pace even though you are getting started. It is important that you seek help from fellow marketers to achieve success.

Step 2 – Seek help from experts in your niche?

Providing such type of consultation is extremely profitable and valuable because experts charge thousands of dollars for such consultation. You can easily get started providing such type of consultation in your niche once you master your topic, this is where big money is made. Personalized solution is extremely important if you want to achieve massive success.

Step 3 – It is intelligent to provide a personalized solution rather than a generic one.

There are many consultants who have a preplanned strategy and they show the strategy to every customer they get. It is extremely important that you provide a personalized solution to every business because all businesses are not unique. Setting up a personalized strategy session will help you to achieve massive success and help your clients in the long run.

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Power Washing Consultant Tips: The Lucrative Rail Industry

As a child, you may have enjoyed watching and counting the railcars that rolled by your local railroad crossing. But today, that seemingly endless stream of cars slowly moving past is just a hindrance, delaying you from where you need to be.

A professional power washing consultant, however, sees railcars in a different light – as profit. Each passing railcar is a potential unit in a profitable service contract.

The Niche Market of Railcar Cleaning

A niche market, the rail industry is full of untapped potential for power washing. Pressure wash consulting firms know there are legal requirements for the rail industry that mandate cleaning; for example, locomotives must be cleaned after a specified number of service hours, and boxcars must be cleaned before transporting different products. In addition, power washing is a regular part of the rail industry’s maintenance of cars in order to maintain the corporate image. Power wash consulting professionals can develop a simple request for exterior washing to include additional value-added services such as graffiti removal, repairing hatches, paint touch-ups and more.

A good pressure wash consulting professional may advise your company that a lack of experience in the railway industry shouldn’t deter you from venturing into this niche market. This is absolutely correct – with a few years of wastewater recovery and power washing experience; written best management practices; and the completion of a railcar cleaning training program, a contractor should feel confident about offering services in this relatively untapped market.

Entering the Market

While some railway companies may have their own service locations and pressure washing equipment, more companies are hiring contractors to do the work at a specific location. To enter this market, a power washing consultant would advise researching the companies in your businesses area and directly contacting the purchasing agent (or strategic sources manager) for each company. If the firm currently has a power washing service provider, management may still be open to new bids at the next contract renewal time; it never hurts to ask.

When you prepare a bid, first know what type of railcars you may be cleaning. You will also need to know if there are any regulations specific to the company or industry. For example, when washing locomotives, the American Association of Railroads has written guidelines dictating that waterproof tarps must cover the brakes before pressure washing. Identified as a significant safety hazard, pressure washing without this preventive measure may cause corrosion of the disk brakes, resulting in brake failure.

Another major consideration a power washing consultant may advise you about is location. Take into account who owns the land where the work will be done, as well as environmental constraints such as water sources and wastewater disposal.

In addition, a pressure wash consulting professional will advise you that the railway industry will have tight deadlines to get the railcars back in service as soon as possible. It is not unreasonable to be asked to clean one unit train – consisting of 125 railcars – in as little as three days.

To provide power washing services to the rail industry, you will need:

- Insurance liability at the minimum of $5 million.
- Power washing equipment, including long hoses.
- Water extraction equipment and waste water recovery mats.
- Tanks to bring in clean water and to haul out waste water.
- A 4-wheel drive lift truck with industry approved personal protection (PPE) equipment to prevent falls.
- Industry-approved wheel protection covers.
- Chemicals and soaps including sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric and ammonium bi-fluoride.
- Appropriate PPE for chemical use.

With the right equipment, there is a seven-step process for cleaning railcars most power washing consulting professional recommend:

1. Wrap/cover wheels to keep the brake cylinders, roller bearings, control valves and slack adjusters dry.
2. Install wastewater recovery mats, and begin water collection.
3. Apply wash to the roof, then rinse (two-step).
4. Two-step under carriage and sides.
5. Remove graffiti.
6. Apply degreaser.
7. Rinse entire unit, including the undercarriage, from the top down.

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Ever Consider Starting a Small Business As an Independent Computer Consultant?

Have you ever considered starting your own small business as an Independent Computer Consultant, but were hesitant to try because you thought it might be too hard to find enough clients or get enough consistent, billable work?

Well, how many clients do you believe you’ll need to make a consistent, comfortable salary?

  • Have you been told or led to believe that you need lots and lots of high paying customers?
  • That you need to bring in a steady stream of new business week after week to survive?
  • That you need to have 50, 60, 70 or more billable hours a week, every week, lined up in advance to assure a steady income?


Let’s take a look at what you REALLY need to accomplish.
The current, average salary for an IT/Network Administrator in New York City* with:

  • 5 years experience
  • A+ and MCSE Certifications
  • Expertise in Windows Networking and Microsoft Exchange

Is $57,719**

So, how many clients would it take to reach the average salary level for this position?

Let’s take a look at Jay, a skilled and talented New York City Independent Computer Consultant (and personal friend of mine) who’s following our business model:

1. Each of his clients is an average size of 10 workstations and one (or zero) in-house servers.
2. He bills each client $149/mo. for a base Proactive Maintenance Plan fee. (which covers all daily monitoring and administrative tasks)
3. He bills each client a $49/mo. fee per workstation (which covers all remote computer support)
4. He bills each client a $125/hr. service fee for any work that’s performed on-site (for items that can’t be performed remotely, like new hardware installations or workstations that won’t boot)
5. He spends approximately 1 1/2 hrs. PER WEEK on-site for each client.

So, for each client per month:
Base fee of – $149
10 Workstations – $490
6 hrs. on-site – $750
Total Monthly Income per Client – $1389

If Jay has a client base of only 4 Small Business Clients – his monthly income is $5,556 or
$66,672 a year!

Is Jay happy? Well…

  • He’s making an almost 20% higher salary than his peers
  • He’s spends an average of 1 1/2 hrs. per week at each client site. That’s a total of about 6 hours A WEEK, on-site.
  • He’s spending another hour per day (avg. 15 minutes per client) doing remote administrative and computer support work, such as setting up user accounts, installing printer drivers, etc.

So, Jay is making almost $67,000 a year, while working a grand total of about 10 hours a week.

Yes, Jay is happy.

But are his clients happy? You can’t sustain a business for very long without satisfied customers.

Well, Jay’s clients have a computer consultant who:

  • Is completely dedicated and responsive to their needs
  • Costs less than a THIRD of what they’d pay for an in-house employee, while getting the same or better level of service. Plus, they don’t have to provide: o Benefits o Vacation time o Sick Days / Personal Leave o Office Space o Workstation o Payroll Taxes o Cell Phone o Or any of the other expenses that come with hiring an in-house employee
  • He spends a fraction of the time on-site than their old computer consultant did (who was billing by the hour, and racking up as many hours as possible each month just to survive).
  • He costs the same or less than a large MSP would charge, but provides a higher level of service (he provides all of the same monitoring and remote computer support that the MSP could provide, plus the attention of a dedicated consultant that a large company simply can’t provide). Plus:
  • Their systems operate at a higher level of performance and reliability than ever before (thanks to Jay’s remote, proactive monitoring)
  • And their fees are low and predictable month after month.

Yes, Jay’s clients are very happy.

So, since Jay is working a total average of approximately 10 hours a week, what’s he doing with all that extra time in the day?


Why stop at four clients?
He’s spending his time getting referrals, networking and making the sale, so that he can work his way up to his goal of…


That’s it. That’s the total number of clients that Jay is looking to acquire as an Independent Computer Consultant.

What does 10 Clients look like?

Base fee per Client – $149
10 Workstations per Client – $490
6 hrs. on-site total per week – $750
Total Monthly Income per Client – $1,389

TIMES 10 = $13,890
Per Month


$166,680 PER YEAR!

And he’s still working less than the average 40 hr. work week. Much less!

1 1/2 Hours On-Site per client per week equals 15 hrs per wk.
15 Minutes per client Remote Work per day equals 12 1/2 hrs per wk.

Total Working Hours per WEEK – 27 1/2

Are 10 clients more than you can acquire? Are FOUR?

There are tons of ways to easily land new small business clients as an Independent Computer Consultant (a topic for another article). Especially today, where companies are looking for ways to reduce expenses wherever possible, and outsourcing is a very popular solution. If you have ever considered branching out on your own, starting a small business as an Independent Computer Consultant, there has never been a better time than now!

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